The photo above pictures the wholo crate bridge committee CraTeX. Together we have set a goal, namely to break the current record, crate bridge with the longest span. Of course, there is loads of preparatory work that has to be done, that is why the committee has been very busy last year to make sure the event can happen at the 17th of November.

The entire committee from left to right is:

Irma van Rozendaal  –  chief safety & licences
Jurre Knijf  –  chief of design
Daan Wilms  –  chief of internal affairs
Mats Hof  –  secretary
Kelt Garritsen  –  chairman
Luuk Nieuwenhuis  –  treasurer
Remco van der Kuijlen  –  chief of external affairs
Renier Timmermans  –  chief of external affairs
Sander Leusink  –  chief of design