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CraTeX is brought to you by study association ConcepT:

Location: Horst C-016 C-018

Adress: 7500AE Enschede – Post office box 217

Telephone: +31 53 489 38 84



About CraTeX

The building of a beer crate bridge sounds, at first glance, like a neat activity during the weekend. But nothing could be further from the truth. The title for building a beer crate bridge with the biggest span, has been a battle between universities Delft and Eindhoven for the past few years, where each bridge needed a few thousands of crates. Study association ConcepT finds that it is time to bring back the Record to Enschede. The plan is to build a beer crate bridge during the Open Days from the University of Twente in November 2018. This event will take place on the campus, where we will try to reach a span of over 27 meters!