The building of a beer crate bridge, at first glance, sounds like a playful activity during the weekend, but nothing could be further from the truth. The title for building a beer crate bridge with the biggest span has been a battle between universities of Delft and Eindhoven for a few years now, where thousands of beer crates are used. Study association ConcepT finds that it is the right time to bring back the record to Enschede. The idea is to build this beer crate bridge with a span of over 27 meters on the campus during the Open Days of the University of Twente in November 2018.

What is the event about?

The building of a beer crate bridge is not an easy task; approximately eight thousand beer crates are needed for completing the build of the bridge. The building process will therefor last for about four days, where a building team of fourty people carefully will be building the bridge according to the blueprints. Herewith, the help of external constructors is brought in, who will take care of the security of the entire process.

After four days of intensive building, the scaffolds – which are placed for supporting the bridge – will be removed on 17 November 2018. When the beer crate bridge can withstand for one full hour without the help of some sort of support and complies with the regulations, the record attempt will be approved which means the record of building a beer crate bridge with the biggest span is back in Enschede.

How comes this event into being?

From the start of April, a committee from study association ConcepT – called CraTeX – consisting out of eleven hard working Civil Engineering students are being busy to make this big dream into reality. Meanwhile, the preparations are up and running: the location on the campus has been taken care of, sponsors are being approached plentiful and the designing of the bridge goes steadily. In the upcoming months the committee will be gathering an entire building team, creating awareness, securing permits, building a testing bridge and loads more. All of this will be done so that a wonderful event with a record winning beer crate bridge can take place!