To finance the event for Crate Bridge Twente we created a CrateFunding website. On this website individuals as well as companies can donate an amount which is connected to a specific thank-you. So does everyone who donates more than ten euros get an honorable mention. We would like to thank every donor wholeheartedly!


Dairy farm van Rozendaal

Family Hof

Dianne Jacobs

Laurens van der Velde

Ruben den Hertog

Froukje Dijkstra

Familie Schuiling

Wouter Lensing

Menno Ten Berge

Anne Heining

Bestuur ConcepT

Civieltechnisch damesdispuut Pallette

The Lagom Group

Huize Burgerlijkheid

Tettero’s Autobedrijf

Pontifex Crate Bridge Team Delft

S.V. Paradoks