Construction firm Van Wijnen was from day one a very close partner who gave us loads of ideas and tips. Even a BIM modeller was involved by the modelling of the building site. In addition to that, Van Wijnen supplies us with materials to structure
the site. In addition, we also want to thank a few other partners of Van Wijnen: Allfence, Boels and Voskamp. They all contribute to the event.

The University of Twente made the terrain for the beer crate bridge available. Furthermore are many different departments of the UT helping us out. A few different departments for example are, the site management, the events agency and the security.

Royal Grolsch delivers one of the most factors of the bridge: nearly nine thousand crates of beer! On top of that will Grolsch provide the building team and the guests with delicious non-alcoholic beverages during the record attempt.

De Brug is an employment agency which helps us finding staff to drive forklifts and AWP vehicles. These types of machines will be used to transport the beer crates more easily around the building area.

Earthmoving Company Goering from Haaksbergen will help us by preparing the ground, so that it will be perfectly even. Hereby are the towers of the bridge supported by a solid foundation which are equally leveled. 

The Student Union is amongst others busy with encouraging student activism. That is why the Student Union helps us by sponsoring the event.

Enschede Innovates encourages the entrepreneurship of people. Initiatives like our record attempt are therefore definitely recognized. That is why Enschede innovates supports us in the form of sponsoring.

Spinder is a renowned dairy housing company. They sponsor the crate bridge by supplying a rubber mat which will be used to keep the bridge in its place. Besides that, Spinder supplies us with lashing straps which are used during the building of the bridge.

Douwes is an all-round service point for heavy equipment who is supporting us by providing forklifts and a moving platform. This equipment will be used during the building of the site and the crate bridge.

Poly Temp handles all marketing, support, sales and  service for medical refrigerators in Europe. These refrigerators mostly have a scientific purpose. Poly Temp supports us by means of sponsoring, because they believe in ambitious projects like Krattenbrug Twente.

Twente Klinker has an extensive selection on pavement. Therefore Twente Klinker supports us by supplying concrete slabs which will serve as a fundament for the beer crate bridge. On top of that, Twente Klinker supplies us with concrete blocks which will serve as a counterweight during the pressing of the towers.

Wagemaker is a civil engineering construction consultant specialized in infrastructure in terms of the physical as well as the virtual aspect. With the great knowledge of Wagemaker concerning bridge construction, they have helped us out by running through the calculations on the bridge.

Takkenkamp facade maintenance company from Zelhem supplies us with the required scaffolds. These scaffolds will be used as a support for the arch. Besides these materials they also supply us with security equipment when the building team works a few meters above the ground.

Roos synthetic drive plates rental company helps us by supplying us with drive plates. They will travel all the way from the Hague to deliver the drive plates so trucks, forklift and a telescopic handler can drive on it. This way, the building process can be set in motion.

Twentse road and waterway construction company helps Crate bridge Twente by supplying a container and traffic signs which close off the bicycle lane. The container will be used as a water container. In this container the beer crates that will be used in the towers are being filled with water.