F.l.t.r Nick, Denise, Jaime, Maaike, Walter, Carmen, Wybren, Madieke, Gert-Jan, Welmoed, Brian

My name is Jaime, I am 21 years old and the Chairman of this beautiful committee. My task is to try and tame this group of hard working students. I am a first year master student. In my spare time I enjoy spending time at ConcepT or having a drink with friends. Next to that, you can often find me in the gym and I play Sunday league as a proud member of VV drienerlo Zondag 2. Hopefully we can meet again in March to enjoy the view of a well-constructed crate bridge!

My name is Tim and I joined the committee because I am looking forward to motivate everyone to make the project a success. I am a first-year master student of the construction management track. As board or committee member I was involved with the organisation of various activities at the study and baseball associations. I am also a student representative of UReka in the University council.

My name is Brian and I am 20 years old and I am a 3rd year student of Civil Engineering. In my spare time I like to play football. Being an old member of the AkCie and Almanac committee, I already got some experience with committee work. In the Crate Bridge Committee, I am the treasurer. As treasurer, I make sure that there is no more money spent, then we got from our officers of external affairs. I hope we get the record for the longest crate bridge in the world at the end of this year!

My name is Walter and I am already walking around this earth for 21 years. I like being challenged and that is exactly why I like contributing my share to the world record attempt to build a crate bridge with a span as high as possible. Of course, this project entirely fits my interests as a Civil Engineering student, building bridges! Being the Officer of Internal Affairs, I will try to find a highly motivated building team. Furthermore, I will try to create a nice atmosphere on the construction site by designing and decorating it nicely and by making sure that everyone, both builders and visitors, are having a good time on site. Finally, I have some administrative tasks, but since they are happening off the grid and you probably do not care, I will not bother you with that 😉 For my final words, I would like to say that I have massive trust in the succeeding of this project due to the nice Crate Bridge committee!

My name is Wybren de Jong and I am a third year civil engineering student. In the committee I fulfill the task of external relations, maintaining contact with external companies involved during the process.  In this way, we will hopefully achieve a new record togetherI really enjoy making music and writing songs, and every now and then I can be found on the campus sports field playing korfball.

I am Jochem, 21 years old and the newest external relations officer of this committee. I am a third-year Civil Engineering student and I am currently doing a minor in Technical Computer Science. In my spare time I like boxing and mountain biking. As the former treasurer of the ConcepT symposium committee, I have experience with realizing large events. As an external relations officer, I make sure that we have enough money for the expensive plans of the construction team. I maintain contact with companies and I am the point of contact for questions about sponsoring and financing. I’m really looking forward to dragging this world record to Enschede!

I’m Lars, 19 years old and a second year civil engineering student. Since the previous officer of logistics joined the board of ConcepT, I have gradually taken over this position. It will be my job to get the necessary licences and arrange the logistics, so we can set a new record in March! Within ConcepT I’ve already done several committees, and next to my studies I try to ice skate and play football every now and then. If possible, I can regularly be found at Beneden Peil on Thursdays, and you can (almost) always poke me for a game of “jassen”.

My name is Welmoed and I am 22 years old. I am now in my third year of the study Civil Engineering. Within this committee, I fulfill the role Chief of Building Processes. Before I obtained this role, I also had the opportunity to make measurements on the bridge because I was part of the CraTeX design team. In my spare time, I enjoy playing (board)games, drinking beers, and walking. Hopefully, we will see each other in March!

I’m Madieke, I’m 20 years old and I’m like most of the other committee members third year Civil Engineering student. In the committee I’m part of the Design team and with some others I’m responsible for the design of the crate bridge which will have to bring the record back to Enschede. This means that we have to make sure that the bridge can stay upright in theory. I joined the CraTeX because I always like a challenge and of course as a Civil Engineering student building bridges is always a beautiful thing. Outside the committee you can usually find me during the weekend in Brabant as leader at the Scouting. I’m also always in for some ‘’gezelligheid’’ and I’m member of Palette, with which we have a drink every Tuesday. Together with the rest of the committee, I believe we are going to make it!

I am Maaike, 21 years old and the secretary of this committee. Like many others in this committee I am a second year civil engineering student. As a civil engineer student I find building a crate bridge a nice challenge and I cannot wait to be on the construction site to actually build the bridge. Before that, I will make sure the action points will not be forgotten, so that everything will be ready to set a record! Besides that, I will keep you updated on our progress and the preparations. When I am not busy studying I also like to hang out with friends or play a game or two. See you at our crate bridge!

I am Denise and just like many others from the committee I am in the third year of the study Civil Engineering in Enschede. In the committee my task, together with Wybren, is to ensure that all the necessary materials for the Crate Bridge will be arranged. I joined CraTeX because building bridges is obviously one of the coolest things to do. Together with having a chance to get a world record that seemed like a nice challenge to me. In my free time I sometimes like to run some rounds on the athletics track. I also like to spend time with my friends and on Tuesdays I usually can be found in the city centre of Enschede (when this is possible). 

I am Carmen, 20 years old and I am in my third year of civil engineering. Next to this I try to play volleyball, which is not always a success. I also have a drink with Palette every Tuesday. Before this committee I have been in the First Year Committee and the Symposium Committee. At CraTeX I am the Chief of Logistics. This means that I have to take care of the licenses and logistics, which is hopefully going to work out with corona by that time. This is to make sure that all of us can get a new record!

I’m Gert-Jan. Like many on this committee I am a third year student of Civil Engineering. In my spare time I can often be found with friends. But every now and then I also like to ride my mountain bike. At the Crate Bridge Committee, I am responsible for the design of the bridge, together with a number of others. I myself find mechanics an interesting subject, and in combination with such a large project the choice for the design team was quickly made. I look forward to bringing the world-record back to Enschede!

I am Nick and I am a fourth year civil engineering student in Enschede. The construction of a crate bridge with a large span seemed to me as a huge challenge. Furthermore, for me it was interesting to see how the theory you have learned in the past years at your study come alive in a design. Therefore, I joined the Design team in which I contributed to the design of the bridge itself. Now I function together with Welmoed as supervising board member, since I became board of ConcepT in January 2021.  We keep an eye on the committee and the process towards the record attempt. Besides, the designing of the crate bridge, I like to play soccer as well. Furthermore, I am quite close with my house and we often do fun stuff. Next to that, I used to spend my Tuesday evening in the city centre for a drink and I hope that I can do that soon again. I hope to see you all at the record attempt!