Welcome to the CraTeX website! CraTeX is the Crate Bridge committee from ConcepT, the study association for Civil Engineering. We are going to try to set a world record by building a crate bridge (bridge only made from beer crates) with the longest span possible. The attempt will take place in autumn 2021. In the upcoming months towards the event we will take you along in the process and show you what we are working on exactly. 

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12-05-2021 From the ConcepT board

Here in Twente we have an innovative University and we, as ConcepT, the Study Association for Civil Engineering, have the same mindset. Within this mindset we would like to go big and how can you achieve this better than with attempting a world record. A world record for making the largest span with only beer crates.

We, as Board of Study Association ConcepT, are very proud of our CraTeX committee. The motto of our Board is “Quidquid Accidit, Construere Perseveramus”, which freely translated means: No matter what happens, we keep building and I think that this is exactly what the CraTeX committee is doing. During these strange times, they keep up the spirit and keep on building on all the aspects that are concerning the greater goal; making the largest span of a bridge with only beer crates. We are looking forward for the world record attempt at the end of the year!

On behalf of the 33rd Board of ConcepT,

Nick van Nijen

First of all what exactly is a Crate Bridge? A crate bridge is a bridge made up only
of crates, simple right? In reality, this is a little more difficult. In a
construction, different forces are acting, think of gravity and different compression
and tensile forces. To keep the bridge standing, all these forces must be in
equilibrium, which requires a well thought out design.

Do you want to know more about the design of a crate bridge?

09-04-2021 CraTeX has kicked off again!

Hey there! Nice that you take time to read about the CraTeX. What is the CraTeX? We are a committee of students that will be trying to set a world record. What world record? Typically, a student world record: building a bridge of beer crates with the longest span as possible. It might seem easy, but we can assure you that this is not the case… After the previous attempt, which unfortunately did not succeed, we are back at it again, with fresh people to take the lead. In the upcoming months towards the event, we will be giving insights in the processes and updates about our progression. Of course, you do not want to miss a spectacular event like this and therefore we see you thinking, when will this activity take place and where? The exact data is still unknown, but the attempt to break the world record will most likely take place in autumn. The bridge will be built on the Campus of the University of Twente, near the main entrance. There will hopefully, if the regulations regarding corona allow it, be entertainment around the construction site. We hope to see that many of you will pass by for a refreshing drink when the time is there!

F.l.t.r Gert-Jan, Wybren, Carmen, Denise, Jaime, Brian, Maaike, Madieke, Walter

The new Crate Bridge committee looks as follows:

Jaime de Bruin – Chairman
Maaike Uijttenboogaard – Secretary
Brian Oppers – Treasurer
Walter Winkel – Chief of internal affairs
Denise Thus – Chief of external affairs
Wybren de Jong – Chief of external affairs
Carmen Asbreuk – Chief of logistics
Gert-Jan Blom – Chief of design
Madieke van Oosterhout – Chief of design
Nick van Nijen – Chief of design
Welmoed Spanjer – Chief of design